Our GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon training programs are prepared specifically for people who intend to complete the marathon distance at this year’s GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon. The programs are a blend of the training designed by 5-time Victoria Marathon champion Kelvin Broad and double Olympian, Bruce Deacon. On this page you will find some introductory information about all three programs marathon programs and the two half marathon programs. The training programs include programs for first time half marathoners and experienced runners looking to improve their personal best Half Marathon time. We have a shorter 14 week half marathon training program.


The Philosophy

The programs are a mix of approaches that mirror some of the training philosophies developed by the godfather of distance running training theory, Arthur Lydiard, and other more current approaches to marathon running. They include a healthy mix of base training, long runs, hills and quality sessions.


The Schedule

Each program (except for the “Just In Time”) culminates five months later in your successful completion of your marathon or half marathon goal at 2015’s 36th Annual GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon!



It is impossible to prepare a single program that will perfectly suit the needs and work, family and social schedules of all participants wishing to use that particular program. Thus, each of the programs presented here are open to some modification based upon fitting workouts around all the other commitments in your daily and weekly schedule. This means that the scheduling of workouts for particular days is relatively arbitrary and you may move the workouts. However, try not to have two high intensity workouts following one another.


The programs might need to be tailored to fit your current goals and fitness levels.


Long Runs

Long runs are the backbone, the foundation, of any marathon training program. With this in mind please try to complete all of the weekend long runs outlined in the program. It is these runs that will build the strength and endurance to successfully complete the final miles of your marathon run.


Specific Workouts

Throughout each of the programs there are some specific workouts (i.e. hill work, pace intervals etc.). Please use the links provided in each program on the particular days of these workouts to access detailed descriptions of the workout.

Training Tips

Our Top 10 Tips for training for the Marathon and Half Marathon.

Online Trainer

Questions can be directed by email to Bruce Deacon.

Training Clinics

Marathon and Half Marathon Training Clinics hosted by Frontrunners Footwear.