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Athlete Info

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Athlete Information

Age Category

For prizing and awards, the following age categories apply:

12 & Under*13-15*16-19*20-2425-2930-3435-3940-4445-49
* prizing & awards for this age group in the 8K only

Aid Stations

Old Victoria Water and NUUN (with their new New Endurance Citrus Mango flavour) will be available at our aid stations and porta-potties will be located along the course approximately every 3 km. Fruit and Honey Stinger Gels (flavours to be announced shortly) will be available at approximately the 13 km (8 miles) and 34 km (21 miles) mark. You may carry your own fluids and gels to supplement what is already provided at the aid stations. If you require your own additional fluids on the course, please deliver it to the official van on Superior at Menzies by 7:30 a.m. for delivery to the 13 km and 34 km aid stations at Lawndale and Richardson.

NOTE: An athlete who collects refreshment from a place other than the aid stations (i.e. from spectators) renders himself liable to disqualification.

Products – 2019 (2021 will be announced soon)

  • NUUN – new Endurance Citrus Mango flavour
  • Honey Stinger Gels (Organic) – Flavors: TBA
  • MacroBars at the Finish Line.

Change Tents

Men’s and women’s change tents are located behind the clothing check tents, on the grounds in front of the Legislature.


Unsure if you are registered? Check the confirmation list HERE.
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Gear Check

Marathon, Half Marathon and 8K Turkey Trot tents are located beside each other on Government Street beside the Legislative Buildings. Gear check opens at 6:00 a.m. Checked items must fit into the provided bags and you must have the tear-off tag from your race number for identification; volunteers will attach it to the bag for you. The tent closes at 2:00 p.m. All unclaimed bags and miscellaneous items of clothing will be donated to charity.


Medical crews/teams will be on the course and in the finish line compound. Medical personnel and ambulances will be on the course during the event. Competitors unable to finish should walk to the next aid station and seek help.

High-Performance Athletes

The High Performance Athlete Program allows the Victoria Marathon to offer top Canadian and International Marathon and Half Marathon runners an environment in which they can succeed. The goal of the program is to create a World Class Marathon event and to foster the development of Canadian runners. It is designed to attract top distance runners.

Prizes are awarded for the top male and female, Open and Masters, Marathon and Half Marathon athletes, as well as an incentive for breaking the course record. Some elite athletes will be given the opportunity to share their unique stories with the local media.


Only online applications will be answered.

2020 Qualifying Standards

North American

Elite AMasters (40+)Elite AMasters (40+)
Half Marathon1:10:001:15:001:20:001:25:00
8K Road Race25:0027:0029:0031:00


Elite AElite A
Half Marathon1:05:001:17:00

Wheelchair Athletes

Athletes with racing wheelchairs are permitted in all of our events. For the marathon, half marathon and 8K Turkey Trot, athletes may start 5 minutes before the main starts. See details on the Start Time page.

Hand-cycles are absolutely prohibited. Please indicate that you are a wheelchair athlete when you register.

Visually Impaired Athletes

Visually impaired athletes may compete in all of our events. For the marathon, half marathon and 8K Turkey Trot, athletes may start 5 minutes before the main starts. See details on the Start Time page.

General Description of Sight Classification

From BC Blind Sports

  • B1 No light perception in either eye up to light perception but inability to recognize the shape of a hand at any distance or in any direction.
  • B2 From ability to recognize the shape of a hand up to visual acuity of 2/60 and/or visual field of less than 5 degrees.
  • B3 From visual acuity above 2/60 up to visual acuity of 6/60 and/or a visual field of more than 5 degrees and less than 20 degrees.


  • Pin your race number to the front of your shirt. Athletes should display “Visually Impaired” on the back of their race shirt. These bibs are available at the Solutions Desk at the Race Expo. “Guide” bibs (for the back of the shirt) are available to the participant that is accompanying the visually impaired athlete.
  • Stay to the right of the course and allow faster participants to pass on the left.