Marathon Training Week 10


By Bri Wilson

I’ve been pretty lucky with the weather for almost all my runs during this round of training; it certainly makes for a more pleasant running experience when you’re not out in the cold and rain for hours. Even though the heat can get to you sometimes during summer marathon training, I’d take that any day over winter marathon training. Fall races FTW!

Week 10 started on Labour Day weekend – here is how it shaped up.


Long run day! I ran 31 km in 3:01:49. I did the same route as last time around the lakes and an extra 3 km on hilly country roads at a 5:52 pace, with a few faster paces thrown in just to push myself a bit: a 5:17 at 5K, a 5:26 at 10K, a 5:30 at 20K, a 5:11 at 21K and a 5:17 at 24-25K. Overall it felt really good, and I wasn’t tired at when I finished. In fact, I spend the night dancing at a wedding from 9:30 until midnight in heels. That counts as training too, right?



A much needed rest day, especially after a late night the night before. I didn’t even do chores today – just lazed around and did some writing.

MONDAY (Labour Day)

It was a holiday Monday, so I did my tried-and-true heavier strength training workouts for runners for about 30 minutes, took the dogs for a walk and spent the rest of my day doing chores. Even though my legs were feeling pretty good and I could have squeezed in a run, I decided I needed another rest day.


It’s pitch black out in the mornings now, and since we received a warning email from our block watch community that a cougar was spotted nearby in our neighbourhood, I’ve given up on early morning runs. It’s just way too creepy heading out in the dark alone and seeing eyes reflecting in the bushes from your headlamp. Luckily, it’s still warm and sunny after work, so this Tuesday I headed out for a tempo run in the evening. Usually my after-work runs are sluggish, but this run was pretty good. I did 7.64 km in 40:36 minutes, with four of those kilometres under 5 minutes. I took a hilly trail route, so I was pretty happy with my time.



I hit the weights again and focused on both upper and lower body strength, as well as core for about 40 minutes before my usual 20-minute cool down walk.


This Thursday, I opted for a variation of my normal interval/hills run, where I just kind of ran around the neighbourhood sprinting at random and running hill repeats where I felt like it, pausing to do A-skips and side steps every now and again. I covered 6.1 km in 40 minutes. The neighbours must have thought I was crazy.


My plan on Friday was to do 30 minutes of Pilates/Barre, followed by an easy 30-minute run on the treadmill. Well, I did the Pilates/Barre workout, but 6 minutes into my treadmill run the treadmill made a weird noise and shuttered so I stopped it and hopped off, not wanting to be launched across the garage. Upon further inspection, it looks like the track has shifted to the side a bit (how does that even happen??), so until Matt has a chance to fix it I need to do all my runs outside. I finished up that workout by running about 30 metres in between the only two street lights on my road outside for 15 minutes — again, the neighbours must think I’m crazy.

Bri Wilson is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and freelance fitness and health writer based in Victoria, BC. Bri writes about training for marathons, triathlons and ultra marathons on her blog,