New Training Tip Videos

With just two months to go until race day many of you will be in the midst of your Marathon and Half Marathon training. We want to help you get to the start line fit and as prepared as you will ever be. So with a little help from our friends we will be bringing you a series of training and race tip videos over the next few weeks. These will range from running form tips to preparing for the actual day. We have teamed up with running diva Marilyn Arsenault, founder of Mindful Strides, and our media partners Ocean 98.5 / KiSS 103.1 to bring you these useful tidbits of information.

Check out the first video – ‘Get Ready to Run‘ – which is on running form. Marilyn explains that alignment is very important when running or walking, and the tendency is for the head to fallΒ back when tired, causing the upper body to collapse which in turn can affect how you run. Using A.J. from the Ocean 98.5 as her model, Marilyn shows usΒ how to correct this so we can all run more efficiently.