The Power of an “I AM Statement” for Race Day

The Power of an “I AM Statement” for Race Day

by Janelle Morrison

Race day is just around the corner!  Have you set your intention yet?

Consider a time that you’ve gone into something, such as a race, an important business meeting, or even started your day, with an intention!  Something you created for yourself before it even started that declared how things were going to go?  It might have been an intention to do something or achieve a certain outcome.

Take a moment to reflect on how that went for you.

Now consider a time you did NOT set an intention before you started something and noticed how things tend to go in all sorts of directions when there is no intention set at the outset?

You bet!  An intention sets the direction for where you want to go and what you’re going to do.  It’s never a guarantee, because you and I aren’t in control of circumstances.  What it IS, is a way for your to powerfully respond to circumstances that arise so that things move in your chosen favour!

When you set an intention to race a marathon in 3 hours and 20 minutes your actions in preparation are more likely to follow suit.  Just like, when you set an intention to achieve a certain outcome in an important business meeting you’re more likely to “seal the deal!”

Intentions are powerful… and here’s a tip on making them even more powerful!

Create your intentions, not on what you’re going to do or achieve, but who you’re going to BE!

For example – if what you want to do is cross the finish line of the Victoria Marathon 10th in your age group or have a PB, then who are you going to have to BE to do that?  What will your experience of yourself be?

Then create an “I AM Statement” that affirms who you’re choosing to BE.   Life is a creation and you can choose at any moment to BE who you choose in order to fulfill on what’s most important to you!

To be 10th in your age group or to have a PB you might choose something like:


I just gave you some example ideas, and it’s ultimately up to YOU to choose it.   It’s something that comes from you and pulls you towards where you’re choosing to go!

Have your I AM Statement ready for race morning.  Repeat it to yourself as you eat breakfast.  Say it again at the start line.  Use it as a mantra to respond to what arises throughout your race.  USE IT TO BE IT.

Now go have the race of your life!


Written by Janelle Morrison, a GameChanger, Consultant, Transformational Speaker and Life Quality Catalyst.

Racing as a professional Ironman distance triathlete, and overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds along the way after a near-fatal car accident, Janelle required a tool box of determination, courage and audacious commitment. Janelle knows what it takes to achieve the “impossible.” She also knows that results, finish lines and accolades don’t equate to self-worth, peace of mind or fulfillment.

Janelle believes that we all deserve a quality of life that lights us up from the inside out – and that we are all capable of achieving it. We ARE it. In this moment, and the moment after that. Check out her