WHY Are You Racing in the 2017 Victoria Marathon?

WHY Are You Racing in the 2017 Victoria Marathon?

by Janelle Morrison

When your WHY is clear, your HOW is easy!

Training for and racing an endurance event such as the Victoria Marathon takes big motivation. If you’re in training right now, you know all about it. We’ve all had those days, while training for an endurance event, while driving home after a long day thinking, “Gah. I’m tired I really don’t feeling like doing my 10 mile run tonight.”

How very human of you!

And yet, if you’re truly committed, you come home, take a little nap, splash some cold water on your face, and get out the door. Usually coming back home feeling like a renewed human being! Not only did you just run 10 miles, you also did what you’re committed to and that alone has you feeling like a rock star.

Yet in order to work towards goals and reach those end results fulfilled, motivation isn’t enough, you must to be pulled by the ever-potent force of inspiration.

Many people use the words “motivation” and “inspiration” as though they have the same meaning. These two words are distinctly unique and when it comes to being fulfilled towards achieving our goals & it’s critical to differentiate them.


When you’re using motivation, you’re almost always pushing yourself to achieve a means to an end. Motivation is about pumping yourself up. Think “chest pounding” here.

When you’re racing and training through motivation alone, it’s about WHAT you want to do or achieve. Maybe it’s for a faster time overall time than last year, to eat that pizza guilt free, beat your neighbour’s time, or even, if you’re brave and honest with yourself, to prove something to yourself or someone else. If you look closely, there’s an underlying experience of being obligated or needing to do something. “I should or have to_______ in order to _______.”

There’s certainly nothing wrong with results or even being motivated to reach them. Motivation to get somewhere is a momentum builder. It helps you measure your progress and plan the road to success.

When your results are measurable, such as a time goal you have for a race, or a pace you want to sustain, or a finish line you want to cross, they provide real world evidence that you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do. And if you haven’t – where you can make changes for the next time!

Although actions that require motivation are fun in the meantime, they’re not sustainable. When you’re progressing through motivation alone, you’re either working hard to stay motivated or you’re just working hard.

In order to bring ease into the equation you need to be connected to something more.


The very word, inspiration, means “to be in spirit” and when you’re tuned into your spirit you’re naturally drawn to do and be whatever feels best. The end result is always fulfillment.

When you’re living within the context of inspiration you’re “called” to take action from within – it’s a deep influence that brings you into alignment with source, your innate gifts, ultimate purpose and reason for being. Inspired action feels effortless. You have the experience of having to hold yourself back from starting RIGHT NOW. You come from passion and the fire burns steady. You can feel it in your bones.

You are literally unstoppable when your actions come from inspiration because your actions aren’t to get to a result – they’re to create for and be something even greater than yourself.

Your inspiration comes from being connected to WHY you’re racing the Victoria Marathon in the first place. This may include being an example of health and wellness for your children, to feel the experience of aliveness and vitality every day, or to playfully inquire into testing the limits of your physical human potential – like a game that you’re ever-curious about.

In order to have your most fulfilling and successful experience at the 2017 Victoria Marathon, motivation will be a piece of the puzzle. But the why that’s bigger than you to inspire you all the way to the finish line – this is the puzzle.

How to get connected to your WHY:

Draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper. On the top of the left column write WHAT. On the top of the right column write WHY.

Under the WHAT column write down all the things you want to achieve in racing a marathon. What do you get from racing? Really look for yourself.

Once complete, under the WHY column write down WHY you’re running an endurance event? It should be something that lights you up as you write the words, something even bigger than everything you put under the WHAT column. WHY are you choosing to toe the line on October 8th, 2017?

When your WHY leads the way over your WHAT, you’ll find a jolt in your step even on the toughest of training days. Nothing will be able to stop you. Enjoy every step.

Written by Janelle Morrison, a GameChanger, Consultant, Transformational Speaker and Life Quality Catalyst.

Racing as a professional Ironman distance triathlete, and overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds along the way after a near-fatal car accident, Janelle required a tool box of determination, courage and audacious commitment. Janelle knows what it takes to achieve the “impossible.” She also knows that results, finish lines and accolades don’t equate to self-worth, peace of mind or fulfillment.

Janelle believes that we all deserve a quality of life that lights us up from the inside out – and that we are all capable of achieving it. We ARE it. In this moment, and the moment after that. Check out her website: www.janellemorrison.com